Thursday, 28 December 2006

Time To Turn In My Geek License

Apparently, I'm spending too much time doing management and turning into a PHB. No one seems to think I'm technically competent anymore. Some recent conversations:

While training a junior project manager:

Me: "So remember, with new tickets, ask a technical senior to help you estimate how many hours are required to complete the task ..."

A few days later, during the usual morning meeting discussing what tickets to create, prioritize, etc:

Me: "... so I think we should put this task in Milestone x, priority critical, estimated time 8 hours"

Jr: "Ok, sounds good. I'll go get an estimate from senior x and take care of it."

Me: "Wha ... didn't I just give you an estimate?"

Jr: "Yes, but you said I needed an estimate from a senior ..."

While showing a relatively new developer the rankings of everyone in Exoweb:

Me: "... and here we have the mid-levels devs, split in 3 sub levels. Finally, these are the seniors ..."

Dev: "Wait, you're considered a senior?"

After relating the above two incidents to yet another developer:

Me: "... so apparently they don't think I'm a senior anymore ..."

Dev: "Well, if you don't tell them, it's not obvious ..."

If anyone wants me, I'll be out getting a haircut, buying some suits and gaining a lot of weight ...

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