Wednesday, 1 March 2006

HR at Exoweb

Greg and I got curious this morning about what our interviewees were writing about their experience on the web and decided to do a bit of searching. This ended up in me getting curious about a batch of HR related matters. Final result is a bunch of weird trivia:

Interview stats:

  • Distinct resumes received in February: 1308
  • Called for pre-screening interviews: 186
  • Passed pre-screening: 19
  • Job offers given: 3

Ouch. We have a huge attrition rate (0.2% get offers). Will write in more detail about the transition from stages 1-2 and 2-3 in later blogs and what typically kills a candidate.

Other fun tidbits we found from scanning bbs posts:

"Those guys must be poor! They're sharing offices with another company! Don't work there!"

Heh. When we moved to this office in 2004, Exoweb was all of 12 people, but we found this large space to renovate into a great loft. We ended up inviting 2 other companies owned by good friends (and fellow FOSS users) to join us. Since then, all of us have at least doubled in size, filling up the entire loft space and overflowing. Although it doesn't look like it, we actually take up the entire top floor of our building, except for one stubborn company that refuses to move out and give us total control of the floor.

"They have an all you can drink policy! Bunch of drunkards!"

We have an all you can drink soft drinks benefit. But I guess it doesn't help that some of the pictures of our office posted on the web have included pictures of "herb liquor tasting party" or "empty bottles after christmas party".

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